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Thread: What are the mistakes one should avoid using Social Media Ads

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    What are the mistakes one should avoid using Social Media Ads

    I see lots of people making silly mistakes while displaying ads and lose money.

    What are the mistakes one should avoid using FB and insta ads.

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    A Facebook user can done mistakes while running ads on social media but those should not be avoided such as:

    1. Working without a plan.
    2. Assuming your audience is everyone.
    3. Choosing the wrong tone.
    4. Using irrelevant hashtags.
    5. Deleting negative comments.

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    Always know about your end goal that you want to achieve through the ad campaign. Focus on your user, be user-centric, and write your content while keeping in mind the user intent. Never put your ad globally, put it geographically and demographically, because not all social media users are your sole customer.
    Good Luck!

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    Not having a social advertising strategy.
    Not defining your goals.
    Not defining buyer personas.
    Targeting too narrow or too wide of an audience.
    Not tailoring your ads to each platform.
    No creative diversity.

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