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Thread: What are the mistakes one should avoid using Social Media Ads

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    What are the mistakes one should avoid using Social Media Ads

    I see lots of people making silly mistakes while displaying ads and lose money.

    What are the mistakes one should avoid using FB and insta ads.

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    A Facebook user can done mistakes while running ads on social media but those should not be avoided such as:

    1. Working without a plan.
    2. Assuming your audience is everyone.
    3. Choosing the wrong tone.
    4. Using irrelevant hashtags.
    5. Deleting negative comments.

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    Always know about your end goal that you want to achieve through the ad campaign. Focus on your user, be user-centric, and write your content while keeping in mind the user intent. Never put your ad globally, put it geographically and demographically, because not all social media users are your sole customer.
    Good Luck!

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    Not having a social advertising strategy.
    Not defining your goals.
    Not defining buyer personas.
    Targeting too narrow or too wide of an audience.
    Not tailoring your ads to each platform.
    No creative diversity.

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    8 Social Media Marketing Mistakes you Should Avoid

    1. Not Having a Social Media Strategy

    You should always know why you are posting something and which goals you want to attain with it. If there’s no strategy you can easily make following mistakes…

    2. Not Posting Enough Updates

    Make sure you post regularly on all your social networks. It takes a time to build a loyal audience. Frequent and relevant posts will create brand awareness, and people will get to know your brand.

    3. Copy-Paste on All Social Networks

    Each social network has its limitations, unique users, strategies, do’s and don’t and so on. Facebook is mostly for sharing moments with friends, LinkedIn for professionals and on Pinterest you reach mainly women. Also, posts on Twitter, for example, are limited to 140 characters. Don’t copy-paste the same posts. Each channel should have its own strategy and its adapted posts.

    4. One-Way Traffic

    Imagine only you or the other one speaking during a conversation. The purpose of social media should be a two-way communication. Make sure you keep the conversation going and listen well to your customers.

    5. Ignore Comments from Your Fans

    Many companies focus primarily on their own posts and forget to respond to comments from fans. Social media are the perfect way to enter into dialogue with prospects and customers. If you keep ignoring reactions and complaints, it will be missed opportunities for your business.

    6. Having too Much Advertising on Social Media

    Although you want to increase your sales, you should be careful with posting too much advertising. Keep fans excited and apply the 20/80-rule: 20% of your content should be advertisements while 80% of your content should have added value for your fans.

    7. Sharing too Much

    Sharing other’s messages and articles is important. But only sharing other people’s content and posting less content on your own, may send the message to the fans that your brand doesn’t add a lot of value.

    8. Lack of Call to Actions

    Of course, you would like your visitors to do something besides just read your posts and leave. You would like them to subscribe to a newsletter, download something, share something, view a demo, request for information, visit your site, take advantage of an offer,… Without a call to action, you are missing out on these opportunities.

    I hope this will help you.

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    Not tracking social media ad performance
    Using Irrelevant hash tags
    Selecting the wrong audience

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    I would advise you not to make social media ads too long and banal.

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    Being careless with your stories.
    Going off-topic.
    Posting content that does not spark engagement.
    Not being transparent.
    Posting outdated content.

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    To don't use them is the only one mistake

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    Using social media for business is essential nowadays. They help us not only to promote our businesses but also to find out what our customers think. I've recently read an interesting article on the topic Checking reviews and reading complaints make us understand what we should work on and how to make our consumers more satisfied.
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