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Thread: What is your attitide to gambling games?

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    What is your attitide to gambling games?

    To my mind, there should be games, something like gambling. Of course, different arcades, adventurers, shooting games are so popular and make a lot of fun. However, such old classic like roulette, poker, or even slots, make people to think, to use different strategies and so one. Unfortunately, there are a lot of other views on it. Some people are afraid to play gambling games. They think that it is dangerous to waste money. But there are a lot of opportunities to improve your game skills and even receive profitable feedback. That is why I think the gamble games can take a game niche calmly.

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    I believe that it is possible to play games, gambling will not bring evil if you do it wisely. Starting from controlling time, budget and ending with a conscious search for places where you play. Personally, I use trusted sites to find a place for my favorite Crazy Time game.

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    I don't gamble. I prefer playing games only for fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex7788 View Post
    I don't gamble. I prefer playing games only for fun.
    Same on my side. Word games is the best entertainment for me. Wordle, scrabble, word scramble , words with the friends - played all of those and loved them too.
    Scramble is a little more difficult than all the others so i use this tool in order to finish the started game which is very complicated. All the rest games are pretty easy in my opinion.

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