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Thread: how do you develop your online store?

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    Building an online store has never been easier with ecommerce builders like Magento

    Find your perfect ecommerce website builder.
    Choose the best plan for you.
    Get a domain name for your store.
    Pick your ecommerce template.
    Customize your ecommerce template.
    Add your products.
    Set up payment methods.
    Sort out your shipping settings.
    Preview, test… and publish your online store.

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    For developing your online sales, you can follow such tips & tricks:-
    1. Do SEO
    2. Use social media channels to share your products and services
    3. Get More Ad Clicks with Ad Extensions
    4. Show Off Customer Testimonials and Trust Signals
    5. Run best offers
    6. Offer a Bulletproof Money-Back Guarantee
    7. Invest in Quality Product Images

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    A simple, functional piece of software can launch a website that enables you to sell products. But how do you keep growing past “minimum viable product” and take your business to the next level? Here are step-by-step instructions.

    Choose a niche and develop a business plan.
    Select your domain name.
    Pick your ecommerce website builder.
    Design the look of your online store.
    Add products to your online shop.
    Set up shipping.
    Market your online store.
    Launch your online store.

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    To make the optimal choice, consider your business goals, operational model and vertical, as well as technical requirements for your store.

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    I started out with social media sales.

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    Developing an e-commerce store is highly dependent on what you're trying to sell, your target geographical area, and the general demographics of the people you are netting with your products.

    Let me use this product landing page as an example. This page shows products like modern dining chairs, tan dining room chairs, and etc–all of which are aspects of home improvement.

    A general overview of the potential target market would like something like: married couples, newlyweds, families, and etc. Developing a business in this niche (and any other niche) would mean trying to think like your customer. At that given demographics, would they be more likely to search for products online, physically, or both?

    That's how you get the ball rolling on where you plan to take your business in terms of e-commerce development.xx

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    Are you planning to build your eCommerce store? One of the most difficult things here is to select an eCommerce platform to build the store. We have made your work easier, here are 13 questions you can ask before you make your final decision.

    1. What products/services you are selling?
    2. How do you want to create Online Store?
    3. How much flexibility you need in your Online Store?
    4.What is your budget?
    5.What should be the Mode of Payment for your customers?
    6. Is my Store SEO friendly and can I analyze the traffic?
    7. Is my site Secure? Are payments secure?
    8.How do I handle customer services?
    9. Does it allow customer product reviews and testimonials?
    10.What different plugins and integration are desirable?
    11. What marketing options available for eCommerce Platforms?
    12.Is there a Free trial on the eCommerce Platform?
    13.Is it a Mobile Responsive eCommerce site?

    You can surely ask more similar questions and decide on the eCommerce platform accordingly.

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    Various kinds of advertising.But unusual advertising, gifts to people in poetic form, with elements of humor, which causes people to warm delight (as buyers of my products wrote to me) and pleasant associative memories of this store)

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    I use the services of a SEO specialist who will diversify my site externally and internally: in terms of usability, technical errors, link mass.

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    social media ads are the most effective when it comes to promotion of a website or/and products

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    First of all you need to find a good product to sell, second - create a decent website, which looks good and easy to use for an average customer.
    If we are talking about promotion, social media is the best way in my opinion. Other instrument which helps you to build a successful communication process with the customers is slack sms.
    It also saves you a lot of time and efforts as you can do it automatically from a landline or a computer.

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    Really excellent ideas from everyone and important notes, thanks to all of you. It was really inspiring ideas

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    Social media are the best online shops at the moment

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    What about virtual stores? It seems to be a great idea. This strategy can provide an opportunity for customers to have an engaging, immersive experience that connects them to the brand. And I'm sure a lot of e-commerce businesses will use it soon. Has anyone already created one?

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    Developing an online store can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. To get started, you should first decide on the type of store you want to build, and then consider the hosting and platform options available to you. After you’ve chosen the platform, you’ll need to create a product catalog, set up payment processing, and customize the look and feel of your store. You should also consider marketing and SEO to help drive traffic to your store. Finally, you should measure and monitor your store’s performance to ensure it is meeting your goals.

    There are also ecommerce automation or built store that you can avail.

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    There are so many online store platforms these days, Shopify and SquareSpace being two. We deal with a few e-commerce companies, and I see most have a range of social media accounts paired with decent SEO. Seeing as we are in the era of AI - maybe ask Chatgpt for suggestions.

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