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Thread: What is HTTPS/SSL Update ?

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    What is HTTPS/SSL Update ?

    What is HTTPS/SSL Update ?

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    HTTPS (HTTP over SSL or HTTP Secure) is the use of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) as a sublayer under regular HTTP application layering. HTTPS encrypts and decrypts user page requests as well as the pages that are returned by the Web server.

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    The HTTPS/SSL update refers to the process of transferring websites from the non-secure 'HTTP' protocol to the secure 'HTTPS' protocol. This migration is performed by installing an SSL Certificate on a website server.

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    Hypertext transfer protocol secure (HTTPS) is the secure version of HTTP, which is the primary protocol used to send data between a web browser and a website. HTTPS is encrypted in order to increase security of data transfer. This is particularly important when users transmit sensitive data, such as by logging into a bank account, email service, or health insurance provider.

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