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Thread: Magento or Woocommerce?

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    Magento or Woocommerce?

    Magento and WooCommerce are top platforms with regard to self-hosted ecommerce solutions. Magento is known as one of the most popular solutions for enterprise-level companies, whereas WooCommerce is a perfect option for WordPress-powered stores.
    Magento is a robust platform with a great variety of useful features and functions. However, it could be a little bit challenging for beginners to get started with Magento. The platform comes with an advanced setup process and requires technical expertise to make any store configurations.
    Nevertheless, Magento provides detailed documentation and video tutorials. To make the most use of the platformís potential, itís better to task the deployment process to a certified Magento development company with the expertise and resources to deliver top-quality online sites.
    WooCommerce is not a standalone platform, it is a plugin that you can integrate into your WordPress website to transform it into an ecommerce store. WooCommerce has an intuitive interface, thus you can set up an ecommerce store on your own. Anyone familiar with WordPress coding even without deep technical knowledge can easily learn how to deploy and run the WooCommerce website without too much effort.
    Moreover, WooCommerce provides a setup wizard that takes you through all the essential steps to set up your store like creating pages, choosing the language, configuring payments, and shipping methods. You only need to follow the guide and configure everything correctly.

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    Go for woocommerce it is free. You only have to pay for hosting

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    Both Magento and WooCommerce are open-source ecommerce platforms or self-hosted platforms, which means it requires development skills or coding knowledge to scale-up your store (or hire a developer).
    If I have to choose, I will go with WooCommerce because its easy of navigation.
    But I highly recommend BigCommerce.

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    woocommerce is open source ecommerce platform

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