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Thread: How to improve website UI/UX?

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    How to improve website UI/UX?

    Hi Folks,

    We have developed new website for our B2B business, We basically develop Fuel Monitoring and Fleet management solutions.

    Need guidance and inputs for improving the UI/UX for better user experience and also some guidance on page speed optmisation with all integrations.

    Any small suggestion will be helpful for us.

    Thanks in advance

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    Here are 7 web design tips for improving your B2B website's UX:
    Allow Reviews
    Simplify your checkout process
    Build An Excellent “Thank You” Page
    Create a Shoppable Gallery
    Keep Your Site Fast, Accurate And Free Of Errors
    Create appealing calls to action.
    Use bullets.
    Choose original images.
    Write targeted headlines.
    Stay consistent.
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    Well it would be hard to say where to start on ux because you are missing two things on the forum. User metrics ( which you may have in google analytics ) and secondly the actual website for us to look at. The suggestions above are UX improvements for website designs BUT what true ux is is personalization of a website without losing its ability to effortlessly manage or give a good experience to your various clients. A paradox I know.

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