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Thread: How to improve website UI/UX?

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    Choose original images.
    Write targeted headlines.
    use hyperlinks
    optimize your website

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    Allow white space.
    Improve page speed.
    Create appealing calls to action.
    Use bullets.
    Choose original images.
    Write targeted headlines.
    Stay consistent.

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    You can improve UX by simplifying web design

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    User experience matters irrespective of the product type. With the modern era getting digitized and technically more advanced, the importance of a sleek user experience is higher. Itís indeed challenging as digitization becomes prominent among common men. User experience design has to be optimal on such occasions, to meet the expectations of all levels of users.

    1. Know Your User
    2. Maintain Whitespace
    3. Perfectly Place Call To Action
    4. Address Factors That Affect the Speed of the Site
    5. Make Sure That Key Elements Are Found in Hassle Freeway

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    Make sure you will check the site with google page insight also
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    YOu can google best practices you will be amazed how many things you find that we regularly do in website design that are not the best UX ideas and this is because of website templates.

    The things that work like a charm for us are a combination of using google analytics to see bottlenecks and bad performing pages in terms of bounce rates and dwell time and then a tool to record users on those pages. Then you filter the recordings that are short with no action and it will reveal to you where users are getting confused or stuck.

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