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Thread: How are you Securing your Small Business?

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    Lightbulb How are you Securing your Small Business?

    Small business are extremely vulnerable to CyberSecurity attacks, Ransomware attacks and hacking.

    What steps are you taking to secure your online business?

    I recently started using a cybersecurity company that focuses solely on small - medium sized businesses (including underdogs) and is offering free trails to secure any business. Before this, I never really secured any of my websites or businesses with any level of solid or structured cybersecurity. Since I had never been hacked, I figured it was not a necessary expense. Now that all of my teams are working remotely, I decided better to be protected than not.

    I am curious to hear what steps small/medium sized business owners are taking to secure their business amidst these chaotic times and this new transitionary period where employees are mainly working from home. I am Also happy to recommend the cyber Security team that I recently started using, as they are ex military and have quite a bit of knowledge & Experience. My free trial began last month with them and I am happy so far with the new levels of peace of mind that I am experiencing.

    Looking forward to responses

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    FBI issues warning over Windows 7 end-of-life
    The FBI says companies running Windows 7 systems are now in greater risk of getting hacked due to a lack of security updates.
    Don't believe everything you think

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    Microsoft probably payed the FBI to say that lol. BUt yeah he is correct you need to be up to date with whatever os, and programs, applications you use. What ive seen is that given enough time vulnerabilities are found in most things and then patched most companies call them updates hahaha. But to your question I think now more than ever many people and businesses are running to get online due to the corona virus and hackers will follow them there. Its a defnite must, ive seen small businesses get hacked and have to buy their information back. Its ugly.

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    First of all you need to choose a reliable hosting provider. Choosing a hosting provider, make sure that you invest in quality services. The greatest security you can be guaranteed by providers who perform regular backups, network monitoring and provide support in case of any problems.

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