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Thread: Would You mind Rating my Website?

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    Lightbulb Would You mind Rating my Website?

    Hello Guys,
    This is our company's website..

    which is specialized in Water Leaks Detection in Saudi Arabia.
    I want you rate my website and tell me how to improve its SEO?
    Thanks in Advance.

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    Do you have an ENGLISH version?

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    I thought this page was decent. I would highly recommend that you use a CDN however. Because the images were coming up slow. Also, it would be good for you to repeat the phone number within the content and just at the top or bottom. The other thing that you should consider is a FREE QUOTE box or a popup. And or try a Service Coverage widget so customers can see if they are in your service area. The other thing you can try is providing a Water Loss chart. So you can show people in gallons and dollars how much money they are potentially losing. Use the FEAR marketing method. Be sure to also create some lead generation pages to test different messages. Hope this helped you. By the way, I saw the translate button and used it for English.

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    Hi there,
    I've just visited your site and the images did load fast (or at least at a normal speed), no issue here.
    Your page looks clean and is easy to navigate. I wouldn't use the same preview photo for the blog posts though. The links of the photos and the headlines of the blogpost are different from each other too. Otherwise good job!
    (I've used Google Translate for your page.)

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