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Thread: Suggestion for contract management system for small business

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    Suggestion for contract management system for small business

    Hi all,

    Hope you all are doing well. I'd really like to have your suggestion on a few things. As every other businesses mine also relies on contracts. For the last few years, my business has been doing pretty great. Since it was just two or three contracts in the beginning it was easy to handle. Now as my business has been growing so are the contracts. It is hard for me to track the status of each one of them. So, as per my friend's suggestion, I gave a shot at the Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution. But it seems that it is not working out for me. I am looking for an efficient contract management system to avoid missing out on the expirations and status of the contracts. We have already contacted a few of the vendors after filtering from the numerous that we found on the internet.
    I am thinking of automating the process with a contract management solution. So, some of the features that I am looking forward to are - Increased Contract Visibility, Notify Renewal Date or Negotiation Opportunity, Enhanced Searching Capabilities, and other common basic features. I'd like to have the software implemented as soon as possible. Any suggestions from your end are much appreciated!

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    Can anyone here please help me out?

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