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Thread: Important Factors for ecommerce

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    Important Factors for ecommerce

    I am thinking to Start a e commerce Portal. There are various Factors like Payment,Design,Development of the Website. Also mobile Applications are also Important. Can anyone suggest which factors should I consider while starting e commerce business?

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    Are you trying to start an eCommerce platform or an online store?

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    An important factor of E-commerce is an online store or business. If you want to make your business popular on e-commerce you can promote your business on social media platforms.

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    When creating an online store from scratch, you'll need to consider factors like website marketing or how to calculate conversion rate.

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    If you are planning to start the eCommerce store, the first work on your products. Your products should be able to attract shoppers. And select Shopify as your eCommerce CMS. Create a website that is mobile-friendly, well designed, and user friendly. And as a new eCommerce merchant work on SEO too. And you can also hire an agency for your website development & marketing of your store.
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    Is there a specific reason you would recommend shopify? As the best website cms for ecommerce because most asites that top google are not shopify sites and are in fact wordpress websites, not that i'm saying they are the best but shopify seems to have a limit when it comes to google. Also going into e commerce you should be very aware of the industry online in most online selling industries there are middle men like *******, amazon and now even google... people will buy from there first and they will take a cut from your website or business intake and profit via cost per click or a percentage of sales. Facebook's online selling platform also takes a cut. As a start up you could possibly hope to match what they spend on marketing so if you dont go with them you can forget major search engines or socail media platforms as a way of selling. Its annoying but thats how it is.

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    Successful key factors for eCommerce businesses
    Customer Service. Customer service is a key factor of success for eCommerce companies regardless of the company's size. ...
    MultiChannel Marketing. ...
    Conversion Rate. ...
    Customer Retention. ...
    Acquisition Cost. ...

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