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Thread: Market research on e-commerce

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    Market research on e-commerce

    We at Marknad strive to make eCommerce easier for everyone.

    Right now, we are conducting market research on e-commerce from the merchant's perspective. The purpose of the survey is to clarify how merchants look at e-commerce, what are the biggest challenges currently facing e-commerce, and if there is anything that is still missing in e-commerce that merchants want, for example a function or a new tool.

    With data collected through the survey we hope to be able to get a broader picture of what the merchants out there lack for assets in order to be able to further develop e-commerce in the future.

    We strive for and even better future in e-commerce for both merchants and consumers.

    Answering the survey takes about 3 minutes and we would appreciate your answers.

    Click the link below to access the survey:

    Thank you for your help!

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    Great survey, I've done it. Hope it'll help!

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