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Thread: Market research on e-commerce

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    Market research on e-commerce

    We at Marknad strive to make eCommerce easier for everyone.

    Right now, we are conducting market research on e-commerce from the merchant's perspective. The purpose of the survey is to clarify how merchants look at e-commerce, what are the biggest challenges currently facing e-commerce, and if there is anything that is still missing in e-commerce that merchants want, for example a function or a new tool.

    With data collected through the survey we hope to be able to get a broader picture of what the merchants out there lack for assets in order to be able to further develop e-commerce in the future.

    We strive for and even better future in e-commerce for both merchants and consumers.

    Answering the survey takes about 3 minutes and we would appreciate your answers.

    Click the link below to access the survey:

    Thank you for your help!

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    Great survey, I've done it. Hope it'll help!

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    Nice survey

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    "What do you think are the biggest challenges currently facing e-commerce?"

    From the perspective of most merchants and many will not know this it's the monopoly of places such as take a lot and amazon that will render your site useless unlesss you have thousands of dollars to pour into advertising. Even Facebook and Google have jumped in on the middleman bandwagon and this (when you are paying to show up at PPC auctions with functioning cost per click) makes it incredibly difficult to set prices for your product especially if you are selling low ticket items on your e-commerce store. I think there are wonderful platforms out there I just think they won't ever truly shine because of the above-mentioned monopolies.

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    Thanks for sharing this post with us... Well this is a nice survey... The e-commerce from the perspective of most merchants and many will not know this it's the monopoly of online store such as amazon that will render your site useless you have lots of money to put into advertising.

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    Good survey. I have already done it

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    Very good survey. I've done it too.

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    Great research!

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    Have you ever tried online trading? This is also a very profitable business!

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