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Thread: Online digital product course refund / return, complaint for money back

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    Online digital product course refund / return, complaint for money back

    How & where are the best and effective ways to complain against a refund (return money back) of a purchase I made online of a digital product ( a course ), which refund I have in the right to get, because itīs not passed the 14 days of the purchase? Seller donīt reply!

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    It just depends....

    Which Country do you live in?
    Which Country does the Seller live in?

    Is the seller a Person or a Company?

    The 14 day part - where did the come from? Did the seller say if you don't like it, send it back for a full refund?

    If the seller is a person and won't write you back - you've been scammed. You can post BAD REVIEWS on facebook and many other sites... The seller might see it and offer to pay you to take it down.

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    dear friend,
    The buyer and the vendor can not be returned to a pre sale state. You can get your money back, but you will still have the digital product . With the online sale of software or training buyers have a very real incentive to course and then requesting a refund for frivolous or unspecified reasons.

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