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Thread: Customers Expectations from your Car Sharing App

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    Lightbulb Customers Expectations from your Car Sharing App

    Customers are the backbone of the running and profit of any business.

    When booking a car through an app, the customer needs to feel smooth while booking not going through many errors or misdirections. To give a wonderful user experience, the crucial features needed/expected in the app are the following:

    1. Instant book & Request to book option
    2. Mulitiple Payment Gateway
    3. Messaging feature
    4. Host location on Google Maps
    5. Wishlist

    Bruce Oxenford
    Software developer and Blogger

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    Not sure what you're trying to get at here Bruce?

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    Car sharing is a very good idea. It's really helpful to employees. If an employee has a car and he can give a paid lift to the people who are going in the same direction. It's a side income too. We can organize this through an app. Your suggestions are really valuable.

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    The worst thing in car sharing is when you booked one car and got another.
    If the app will fix it, it'll be awesome

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