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Thread: Security apps given for free while working from home during Coronavirus

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    Security apps given for free while working from home during Coronavirus

    Coronavirus isolation is starting to affect each of us, including family business owners. Iíve been reading about the sudden surge in cyber attacks and hacking while people turn to work from home. So I wanted to reach out to a few companies who could maybe help me in securing my connections and devices. I was surprised to see that the first company to offer their services for small businesses for free was a VPN and not some giant antivirus software company (or maybe I missed it?). Hereís the link to Surfshark VPNís offer, although if anyone sees any similar announcement from security companies please share them here, before I start sending emails to others.

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    I've been using Surfshark VPN for more than a year. I received one of the Black Friday deals, the price was good, so I decided to try it. I should say, it turned out to be a great choice. I like it a lot. Also I've recenlty found out that Surfshark is a good P2P VPN. Having read your post, I understood that this is a really good service that supports small business in tough times. Thanks for sharing.
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    I've also read good reviews of the Surfshark VPN. Especially noted for high security and privacy at a low price. I want to try it soon!

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