Hey everyone,

We have closed our offices and are going to work from home. I was not in favor of this, but I had to do it because of financial problems. I have been trying to solve it for the past few months, but I finally realized that it was not possible at all. Anyway now, I have to sell the material to the office as soon as possible to make up for the losses. We have a lot of office furniture that we bought 2 years ago now all from Ikea.
I noticed the prices of my furniture at IKEA right now and discovered that they were a little lower than when I bought them. I was hoping they would always have been the same price, so I would have withdrawn 20% or something like I paid for IKEA to ship everything to the office and most are very large.
But now I have to find someone else who will help me sell my furniture at a decent price. I found that this company sells used furniture. Before contacting them, I was wondering if there was something I was missing so you could help.
Please share your tips.