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Thread: Promotion Issues (Does Not Miss Ads)

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    Exclamation Promotion Issues (Does Not Miss Ads)

    The question is to the experienced. Advertising Face Brush (Cleaning)

    Don 't even miss the ad. The video shows how the girl cleans her face. Page to the Video - just the device itself on a white background.

    The text is exactly. There are no violations like (humiliation of people And so on)

    What could be wrong?
    I just when I click on "check" the type of what 's wrong gives out that I break the alleged violence and body on video not in full height. But it 's nonsense. Thakogo shouldn 't be.

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    Totally don't understand what you're trying to say.

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    Try writing to support and find out why your ad is not being shown. They will answer you in more detail.

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