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Thread: Need to integrate, Twilio With Freshdesk!

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    Need to integrate, Twilio With Freshdesk!

    I want to send support ticket updates to my customers via SMS. I am already using CRM Freshdesk and for SMS communication i am willing to use Twilio SMS. Now, in order to enable SMS communication, i ve to integrate via custom development or App.

    For App, I found Twilio Plus which Serves the purpose and i also have the pricing concerns which is $3 per agent! what do you suggest regarding this App? Should i opt for it or look for alternatives?


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    A twilio account is prerequisite for the app. The app requires: - Twilio Account SID - Twilio Auth Token - Twilio Phone Number - Freshdesk API Key - SMS templates for each of the two automatic messages. View your customers' complete information stored in Freshsales without moving out of Freshdesk

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