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Thread: Problems for Business Website

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    Exclamation Problems for Business Website

    Hello Everyone
    I am a startup owner and newbie in this forum. I am not from a technical background and I want to create a website for my business. Is there any person who can suggest to me what type of website I can build for my business. My niche is health and fitness.
    Looking for some honest suggestions

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    You come up with a nice question. Well, if your business is related to health and fitness then you can add some products related to it and can sell them out to your customers. In health and fitness, the products come lip balms, jump rope, pillboxes, ice & heat packs, wet wipes, face or eyes care items, beauty products, etc.
    In another hand, if you give only the services related to health & fitness and do not offer any products then you can create your website according to its only. I hope, its very simple to understand the things. If you found any doubt then let me know.

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    The best Answer to your question is to hire a business technology solutions company. Mobio Solutions is the best web design and development company based in India. Since 2015, we design and develop interactive, brand-oriented, scalable and memorable custom web application development for great user experience. Our dedicated web developers have successfully completed 100+ projects for industries with diverse business domains, including Healthcare, Finance, Education, Retail Insurance, supply chain management, Small-medium enterprise business.

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    Building a website is never easy, most business owners forget the most important aspect and even web developers you are not designing a website that suits your like as the owner or the designer you are building a website that suits your ideal client in this case a gym goer's needs.

    That being said this is a great niche because there are so many things you can offer as a resources and bait, BMI calculators, fitness regimes, if you want o go really in depth allow people to create accounts and store information on progress that can be seen by other members this alone is massive incentive. It also depends on your goals as a business owner do you simply want to advertise your services or create a community for your brand.

    I know you don't want to use a web developer and im not trying to sell you one, but ux design can make or break your website, website builders are flawed in so many ways and even with all their templates and plugins you cant cover a truly unique custom functionality, you can produce a truly unique website either it costs more sometimes its worth it but depending on your goals a website builder can work.

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    Hi OP, congratulations on starting a new website for your business! Since your niche is about health and fitness, add some free workout videos that your visitors can follow. You can even categorize them depending on the goal (lose weight, gain muscles, etc.) You can also implement website personalization so your target audience can easily find what they need.

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