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Thread: Site audit issues

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    Site audit issues

    I am working for online site in delhi an ecommerce store for Cakes, Gifts and flowers. There are some image copyright issue and i have worked on it but still i am getting the same audit again and again.

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    Having the image copyright issue in the e-commerce site is a normal thing because there are so many websites that are selling the same products with the same images. But I think you are using the copyright image means there can be a trademark of any brand. So, you can do one thing that you can create your own images by clicking the picture of the products or choose without copyright images.

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    In simplest terms, a site audit is a process for evaluating the search engine friendliness of a website in multiple areas. It is an assessment of the site's overall performance. ... Also, website audits can be performed to see if there are areas for improvement within the site as well.

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