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Thread: I am interested in learning how small businesses use data and tools like Excel

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    I am interested in learning how small businesses use data and tools like Excel

    A client of mine asked me to do some basic data analysis and gave me a rather unorganized, large Excel file. I had to clean up the data which took much more time than actually answering his questions from the data.

    This got me thinking - there must be other people who have the same problem, correct? So my question to business owners is:

    What do you use Excel for?

    What kind of data analysis (even super basic) do you do, if any? Is it automated? Do you use any tools other than Excel?

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    Excel imo is too far out of date, you get so many could platform CRM;s , google analytics, facebook analytics task schedulers like bitrix that allow file sharing in basically its like a online intranet, the kind that a business would need to get a it guy in and write custom software for.
    BUT having data from so many different sources as mentioned above ive failed to find a solution that can compile all of that from sales, tasks, automated emailing, website conversions, advertising tracking, final and spend ect ect into one page where i can look at it.

    So this is what i use excel for to gather and compile information from other systems --- note there are companies like Fusion in the UK whom go to a client and write software that draws data from these online sources, allows a intranet like system and whatever else you may need as businesses are all different, I know however most small businesses cannot afford those types of systems ,myself included.

    At the same time you must remember that Google for example wants you to make use of adwords and log unto adwords, and analytics and gmail because they advertise there so they make it difficult for those systems that I mentioned before to make those api calls. I get alot of oath issues and maps, and facebook cURL errors on websites because they continuously change requirements. This is why they released gsuite and facebook is also bringing in a all in one business management system.

    This isnt surprising as these two guys along with amazon are trying to commoditize everything online and have imp had great success in it. It just really sucks for the rest of us because thats alot of work and careers that get destroyed.

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