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Thread: Website issue

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    Website issue

    I am revamping this website:
    How much would you rate this already existing design? What changes should I make to make the website user-friendly?

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    These steps will help you to revamp your website:

    Listen to Your Users.
    Speed It Up.
    Provide In-Depth Information.
    Make Navigation Intuitive.
    Choose Color Carefully.
    Improve Your Site Layout.
    Pay Attention to CTAs.
    Beef Up Your Contact Page.

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    Hi listen its not a bad site at all. I quite like that you left the bootstrap look as i call it behind. I must agree with alex though there is always room for improvement on website no matter which way you look at it the question for you is are you contantly getting paid for you website servies and to update it ? if not you design fir the client and offer a few reviews you cant keep upgrading a website for nothin this is what we do at our website design company. There is a bit of a clash in the header image ctas's and the rest of the website and that video needs to be better quality embedded.

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    Poor or dated visual design. ...
    Slow upload speed. ...
    Lack of quality images. ...
    Clutter. ...
    Poor or confusing user journey. ...
    Low standard of written content. ...
    Poor standard of SEO. ...
    Hidden details or no obvious point of contact.

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