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Thread: How to do easy inventory management?

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    How to do easy inventory management?

    Hey, i'm new here

    I started my business as shoe cleaner around 3 months ago.

    Until now, i still have big problems in organizing my business about inventory management. It's related with manufacture company rite?

    Does service type business needs to do it? Since some of my friends recommend me to do it.

    If i should do it, is there any tool that can help me to do it because, i am still confused in doing it.

    If there are any software that are good for inventory management, please share it here.

    Thanks a lot

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    Here are some of the techniques that many small businesses use to manage inventory:

    Fine-tune your forecasting.
    Use the FIFO approach (first in, first out).
    Identify low-turn stock.
    Audit your stock.
    Use cloud-based inventory management software.
    Track your stock levels at all times.
    Reduce equipment repair times.

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    To start any business, proper planning and management is required. There are many services that are required to carried to run the business like business accounting services, income taxes, payroll services, bookkeeping, cash flow management and the other services related to the financial section of the business.

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    I came across this article a few weeks ago, I think it might help

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