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Thread: Dedicated Server Disadvantages

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    Quote Originally Posted by csmonika View Post
    If you are referring to a physical dedicated server, yes, it has its own disadvantage. You need some IT guy to manage it, and it is going to occupy space in your office.

    If it is a virtual dedicated server, IT management becomes the responsibility of the service provider. Since it is virtual, you don't need any physical space to keep it secure and operational. All is taken care of by your service provider.
    A a physical dedicated server can be leased. The host company supports the hardware & you support the operating system and all other apps.

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    Dedicated Server Hosting is the costliest hosting.
    If you inexperienced with using servers then it is difficult to manage the dedicated server.

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    The Dedicated Server Disadvantages are that it is most costly form of hosting is dedicated hosting. If you are not familiar in using clients, dedicated servers can be hard to come to grips with. Hosts are willing to provide security tips, but it is your responsibility to guarantee that your server is secure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JJesica View Post
    Which are the Dedicated Server Disadvantages, please share your view ?
    One disadvantage to a Dedicated Server is much of the time you will need to know how to manage a server, as a lot come as "Unmanaged". If you don't know how to manage a server, you'll have to pay extra for a "Managed" dedicated server, which costs a bit more.

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    Disadvantages of Dedicated Server

    1.) Cost - Dedicated hosting is that the costliest sort of hosting. However, if you would like high performance then itís definitely worth the additional value. Before choosing a hosting kind, assess your business wants and judge which kind of hosting is best for you.

    2.) Usability - Dedicated servers may be tough to induce to grips with if you're not seasoned with mistreatment servers. Technical data are going to be needed for putting in code, daily maintenance, daily tasks, and different necessary duties that square measure in your management.

    3.) Control - Though being up to speed of your own server is nice, there are risks of mistakes being created like deleting necessary info. Daily observance is needed to seem out for accidental errors.

    4.) Safety - Hosts square measure able to provide recommendation on security, however it's your duty to confirm your server is secure. this implies putting in safety features like firewalls and virus detectors yourself.

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    It is expensive, I guess, this is the biggest disadvantage.

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    I'd add that dedicated hosting is the most expensive type of hosting. Also, dedicated servers can be difficult to get to grips with if you are not experienced with using servers. If you are pretty new to all this, I'd recommend addressing a third-party maintenance provider or OEM support.
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    The cost of the server is high.

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