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Thread: Please review my website

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    Please review my website

    Hello, this website is about the architec, interior designs, construction, kindly review it and let me know what I should improve. Thanks.

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    Here's my review of your website:
    1. I like the website layout. It is convenient and user-friendly. Plus, the way images are set on the page and dynamics of the image keep users engaged and interested.
    2. The "CTAs" are in the right place and right color. However, clicking on any "product page" or, let me call it, drawing I don't understand what should I do after reviewing images. For example, these page: I click on it from the category page, looked at images and... what? No "contact us" or "subscribe our news", or "buy our product"... What should I do? Just leave the website?
    3. The location of your contact information is good, but I would make an e-mail clickable.
    4.This is a screenshot from mobile. I clicked on the image to zoom it, but i couldn't get back. No "X" or "close the image". Such approach is not mobile-friendly.
    Annotation 2019-06-17 173150.jpg

    Here's the performance report . Clicking the "? button", you will find tips on improvement. You need to optimize your website performance: reduce the first load time, optimize image size and format, and implement some other techniques.
    Let's be honest, the site is slow a bit. And you need to optimize it.

    That's my light review of your website.
    If you have questions, you are welcome to ask.

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