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Thread: Is online payment safe while purchasing products from shopping portal?

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    Smile Is online payment safe while purchasing products from shopping portal?

    In this world where maximum number of sales are dependent on e-commerce, a special focus is laid upon the safety of online payments.

    Even though it is natural to feel a little uncomfortable while making online payments when the entire concept is new for you, but once you get used to it, and develop a better understanding of how the complete system of online payment works, you will prefer making online transaction over the traditional payment methods.

    The payments that are made online, for purchasing a particular product on a specific portal, are undoubtedly secured and out of any sorts of risk.

    The details you enter on an e-commerce portal, are completely private and are not shared with any specific individual. The OTP you get after initiating the final payment, is again sent by your bank on your personal and registered mobile number. Hence there is no chance of any kind of online theft or any security issue.

    So please don’t worry and make online payments/transactions a habit, as it frees you from carrying extra cash, which again is a serious security concern.

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    Of course, it is. And with time it's getting more safer. They introduced various way & layer through which is one of the most safest ways to transfer money, so no need to worry about this.

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    It is safe as far as you follow some simple rules.

    - Always pay on a secured website. HTTPS is mandatory.
    - Look for safer payment options which guarantee you to refund in case of faults.
    - Do little research about the site you are shopping on. Read some reviews.

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