Mobile is now becoming one of the most necessary requirements for e-commerce business to flourish, as it is currently the best medium to share information, hence I think it is very important for every e-commerce business to develop a responsive mobile app, as it drives upto one-third of the website’s traffic.

Developing an app, for a web-based company is quite a necessity these days, than a luxury. For example, e-commerce portals like WAKI, based in Saudi Arabia, provides its customers with mobile based app. Practicing this technique allows the company, to be at the right fingertips of the customers like us, whenever we are ready to shop online.

Building a responsive mobile app, helps the online platforms by increasing their sales. Due to the lack of time, users like us don’t want to invest our time in browsing through our phones, hence we look for a e-commerce portal that provides a mobile-based app, which we can directly open and start shopping.

When an e-commerce platform, makes a mobile app available for us, they make it easier for us and for themselves, to develop a constant connection. Sharing information about promotions, sales, or delivery, become easier. Push notifications used by the online portals, draw our attention, and hence benefit them to promote sale.