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Thread: The 10 best crowdfunding sites for startups

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    The 10 best crowdfunding sites for startups

    Do you have an entrepreneurial project and are looking for investors? Do you want to support or promote an initiative and become part of your company? The answer is in crowdfunding platforms here is the list of 10 most popular crowdfunding sites to fund your startup.

    • SeedInvest
    • RocketHub
    • Kickstarter
    • Indiegogo
    • Patreon
    • iFundWomen
    • Peerbackers
    • Patreon
    • CircleUp
    • Republic

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    You didn't mention the startup funding website Nainer in the list. It is the only website that connects investors, founders, and industry experts under one platform. The startups can find investors with ease after a simple sign-up process.

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    I only know about the Kickstarters. And that's exactly where i am going to present my own business soon.
    Friend of mine recommended me to get microsoft teams phone number from the start and use it for communication purposes inside the team.
    Do you guys think it is a good idea or are there some other channels ?
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    2023 Crowdfunding sites:
    - Indiegogo. (Good overall)
    - SeedInvest Technology (Ideal for startups)
    - Mightycause (Perfect for charities)
    - StartEngine (Those looking to invest)
    - GoFundMe (Individuals)
    - Patreon (Essential for creative individuals)

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