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Thread: Getting the first sales Million Dollar website

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    Getting the first sales Million Dollar website

    Hi sorry I can't speak English very well.
    I have got in a difficult financial position and for improvement my situation I came up with website
    for attract visitors to the yours business.
    This the project is based upon an idea
    And I'm going to repeat this viral advertising. Also, I made some modifications.
    Besides the pixels selling, the main idea of the site is to help find profitable products or services.

    This is not a new idea and there are no original ideas left.
    Originality isnít a matter of coming up with something new,
    itís a matter of using your imagination to take old concepts and put them together in new ways.
    At the moment I attracted 200+ visitors a day.

    I'm sure if Getting First 10 Sales then will the project tobe successful.
    What can you recommend to promote this project? or it's a stupid idea?

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    Good idea, how will you do this?
    What web builder do you use? Maybe wordpress?

    Whats your website?

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    For promoting your project, you can use social media sites or can do offline marketing. Both things will help you to boost your business. By promoting your services or products on social media platforms, you will get the lead generate and get the users. In offline marketing, you can advertise your products or services by handing out promotional products to the people.

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    Find trustworthy partners. ...
    Create a strategy and focus. ...
    Say no to what's off focus. ...
    Find peer support. ...
    Form a board of advisors. ...
    Hire slow and fire fast. ...
    Build great values and culture. ...
    Build your brand.

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    With over 200,000 buyers looking to buy your website or online business, is the go to place for both buyer and seller. Flippa is especially good for smaller sites making under $100,000 per year in profit Ė although they do handle larger transactions.

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