Hi sorry I can't speak English very well.
I have got in a difficult financial position and for improvement my situation I came up with website
for attract visitors to the yours business.
This the project is based upon an idea https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Mi...ollar_Homepage
And I'm going to repeat this viral advertising. Also, I made some modifications.
Besides the pixels selling, the main idea of the site is to help find profitable products or services.

This is not a new idea and there are no original ideas left.
Originality isnít a matter of coming up with something new,
itís a matter of using your imagination to take old concepts and put them together in new ways.
At the moment I attracted 200+ visitors a day.

I'm sure if Getting First 10 Sales then will the project tobe successful.
What can you recommend to promote this project? or it's a stupid idea?