Hey guys I have a question what do you guys think the future for web developers and designers is looking like at the moment. Il tell you why I ask.

Little site builders like wix and weebly and even wordpress now allow the average person to create a site with some decent functionality. Now I myself am designer programmer and seo guy and i know there are a ton of shor comings to these sites in certain aspects. If you are a small business and just want something online to refrence people to or even sell , shopify you could probably do al;right.,

What ive noticed is while the program "does the coding for you" its not the best coding if you are looking to grow scalability. And in the ling run i think these sites cost businesses more.
from the design perspective man ive seen some bad stuff and image searches and content searches show so much duplicates around the web.

This means to me your ui may not be good at converting and google probably dislikes you a little and as a brand you may have trouble seperating yourself.

Despite all this I know there are some cool things that im not listing here pros to using wix again for smaller businesses with some creatives.

I am seeing a drop in requests for websites but the clients that I do get are more upper end type work do you think that wix will kill the industry? or that its going to raise the bar for us ?

I just dont a\gree with a one click solution when we have billions of businesses struggling to stand out and when the web experience is becoming increasingly about personlisation.