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Thread: 10 year old gift/gag site. Your opinion?

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    Question 10 year old gift/gag site. Your opinion?

    Been hit really hard with the Google Panda. Enjoyed years of coming out in the top 3 for organic listings. My content is exclusive, relates to the business. Everything I thought was going smoothly until Feb 24th. So now I'm crossing the t's and dotting the i's. checking and double checking. I've read some really good stuff in this forum in the past so I figured I would ask you what you thought about the site.


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    I don't know but I visited Terry The Swearing Turtle and I can't see because I am laughing too hard. I'm sending it to my daughter.

    Great site.

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    First, let me say you have some great content and products on your page. That said, please don't take offense when I say your site does seem like it was made ten years ago. It looks like it would've been good back then, but it can really use a modern overhaul. Your product is strong enough to attract people to your page, but if your webpage was more current it would definitely help drive the traffic.

    You need a new logo, the navigation buttons MIGHT be ok depending on how you change your layout. There is a LOT of plain text on your page, totally without stylistic elements, and this isn't good. Simple is fantastic, but TOO simple lowers the attractiveness of the site. The promotional images you do have are sometimes stretched out and grainy. There is no overall color scheme, everything is a different color. I understand this might have been your intention since it is a joke site, but if so it needs to be made more prominent. Since you seem to do a fair amount of business, I would suggest just hiring a website designer instead of doing it yourself, it'd just be much easier and probably with more than pay off in ROI.

    Once again, this is just my personal opinion so please keep that in mind. Hope this helped!

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    Amazon Fullfilment has a lot of concretion. I use a different company fulfillment center and I am very happy with them. I do not have to worry about the warehouse and shipments are always sent on time.

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