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    CRM Services

    PC based CRM software???
    Hey guys - I'm hoping someone can help me find some CRM software that fits my needs.

    I'm wanting a CRM program that is not cloud based that simply runs on a Windows based PC... and I'd like for it to have built in email list capability that can spread out sending to large email lists over time since most ISPs only allow so many outgoing emails per hour.

    To start off, I'm just wanting to be able to have all my customers entered in to the CRM software and have it set up so I can send follow-up messages to potential clients / existing clients where I write one email and the program customizes the top such as "Hi Bob," and sends it to each person in such a way where it is the same as me sending them an individual email so hopefully it is not tagged as being spam.

    As stated, my preference is to have CRM that is not cloud based, but if that's not possible I would have to consider a cloud based program but I'm really not wanting to pay a monthly fee when I should be able to buy a program, load it in my PC and not have to continue paying.

    If anybody knows where I can find something like this... please let me know. Thank you.

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    maybe you need to pay attention to Bitrix24.CRM

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    A customer relationship management (CRM) platform is a piece of software companies use to manage interactions with customers, store information about them, and automate a number of processes connected with a customer's journey through the marketing and sales funnels.
    Some CRM Softwares:

    Really Simple Systems.
    NetSuite CRM.

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    CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It's a technology used to manage interactions with customers and potential customers. A CRM system helps organisations build customer relationships and streamline processes so they can increase sales, improve customer service, and increase profitability.

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    When choosing a CRM system, the most important thing is to make sure you have all the features you would like to see in the process. So, if incoming calls are very important to you, you need to make sure that the selected CRM-system supports integration with telephony. And if you get most of the leads through the website, one of the main criteria will be the ability to integrate the CRM-system with your CMS. Otherwise, a lot depends on your tastes, as well as on the recommendations that your specialist gives you.

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    Best Small Business CRM Solutions for MS Windows.
    These are established, standard, so-called on-premise, or in-house CRM desktop applications that operate on a Client/Server network architecture on your desktop.

    Separately CRM application presents various levels of upgrade plans to accommodate businesses with developing needs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tinakinna View Post
    maybe you need to pay attention to Bitrix24.CRM
    Good point!

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    Finding a PC-based CRM software can be a great choice if you prefer a non-cloud solution. In your search, you might want to explore options within the 905 area code at 905 area code. This can help you connect with local resources that might offer suitable CRM software for your needs. Additionally, some PC-based CRM software providers offer one-time purchases, so you won't have to worry about monthly fees.

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