PC based CRM software???
Hey guys - I'm hoping someone can help me find some CRM software that fits my needs.

I'm wanting a CRM program that is not cloud based that simply runs on a Windows based PC... and I'd like for it to have built in email list capability that can spread out sending to large email lists over time since most ISPs only allow so many outgoing emails per hour.

To start off, I'm just wanting to be able to have all my customers entered in to the CRM software and have it set up so I can send follow-up messages to potential clients / existing clients where I write one email and the program customizes the top such as "Hi Bob," and sends it to each person in such a way where it is the same as me sending them an individual email so hopefully it is not tagged as being spam.

As stated, my preference is to have CRM that is not cloud based, but if that's not possible I would have to consider a cloud based program but I'm really not wanting to pay a monthly fee when I should be able to buy a program, load it in my PC and not have to continue paying.

If anybody knows where I can find something like this... please let me know. Thank you.