Hi Everyone! My name is Sarah, and I'm new to this forum. I own a small education company where we provide class hours (training) at various client sites. Each client site contracts for a set number of hours, which our instructors will then deliver. After delivering the class, instructors submit invoices to us and are paid on an hourly basis, i.e. if a client contracted for 10 class hours, the instructor is paid for 10 class hours.

Right now, my team and I do a LOT of stuff by hand that can probably be automated. I'm trying to create a dashboard that can automate the following activities that we currently do manually: schedule the classes, staff the instructors, remind the instructors, get the class attendance sheets (we submit attendance sheets to get paid), pay instructors' invoices, and then invoice our clients. Please note that i there can be 2-3 different instructors at the same client site, and instructors are paid at different rates.

I am looking to create a dashboard whereby I can see in one column how many clients we have, the # of hours contracted, and the # of hours currently served/outstanding. Then, in the other column, I'd like to see where each instructor is staffed, how much they are being paid, whether or not their invoices have been paid, and also enable instructors to upload attendance sheets. (I still need to manually reconcile attendance sheets w/the instructor's invoices to pay them.)

Based on the above, I would also like to see profitability, i.e. client site hours/$ vs. how much the instructors have been paid at each client site.

Does anyone know if there is existing software that does this, or software/middleware combination that can do this? Thank you Internet forum!!!