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Thread: How to comeback from business failiure ?

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    How to comeback from business failiure ?

    Is anyone here? who is an expert on business? passed many years on business. and looks many ups and downs on his life.
    I want to just know from him. And this is just not only my questions this the questions of many.

    So,please gice a right direction from your experience.

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    Your post doesn't make a lot of sense. What does this mean:
    I want to just know from him.
    Who is "him?"

    How to comeback from business failure ? -> Tell us all about the business and why you think it failed? Is this an online business?

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    Im by no means salted as a business owner. I have learnt a few things in my few years of running a business.

    Small to medium size Businesses do not last forever, they get bought out, cant afford to get bigger and slowly die.

    The biggest companies in the world are all based on business that had their time.

    Most entrepreneurs know that business is a risk and many ventures fail but in time the fail less and less with time. Why because they learn from failure and carry it into the next venture the next project its all about growth. They learnt how to reinvent their business offerings when its not going good. They learn to invest in many things and not just one. One of those things will be the goldmine they were looking for. Even then they still keep their eyes open and use that moeny to try earn more by investing in more things why? because everything fails eventually.

    Ps Im not saying that whatever you were involved in should be abandoned, just that in many cases its the norm to move on to something new.

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