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Thread: Review my site. Any Feedback Appreciated

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    Review my site. Any Feedback Appreciated

    This is my site for people who are searching for fitness equipment and weight loss supplements.

    Weight Loss Fitness Health

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    Your website is built in WordPress the most hacked platform in the world but don’t worry most people don’t know this and will purchase from you anyway.

    That being said its a good looking site even though it looks just like every other website built in WordPresss and even uses stock images to give that, I’ve been here before feel.

    No phone number so if there is a problem I’ll have to rely on email, which I’m not really willing to do.

    Your selling the exact same products I can find on Amazon for the exact same prices.

    Adding products to the cart is a bit slow but then this is a common problem with WordPress as its a bulky outdated platform.

    Okay, wait a second, it sends me to amazon, so your an Amazon affiliate, now I understand the reason for using WordPress.

    I’d venture to guess your not making money with it and I’ll tell you why …

    There isn’t anything original on the entire site from the content to the images.

    This people saying that you can build a site and start making money aren’t making money, there just trying to fake it until they make it, as they listen to Gary Vee and actually believe hes said something.

    The only way to make money as an affiliate is to become an expert in the industry that you are trying to sell products in and this means you have to be trusted, write original content, do YouTube videos, and create a huge following.

    It also means you have to think outside the box and not be just like everyone else, which is exactly what you have done so far.

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    I would need a reason to buy from you - why would I shop here and not somewhere else - especially since I don't have a reason to "trust" you

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    I think the design is clear, it loads fast and the navigations is user-friendly. I only noticed that your filter with colors, only shows blue and black with the actual colors, while the other options from green to silver have no color. Maybe you could check that?

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    I like the design. And it has a secure certificate. This makes me trust you.

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