well, After you decided to start the journey with a Magento Development agency here are some set of questions you really need to ask them before kick-starting the project

Step1- Are the Full-service company?

Full service is nothing but providing end to end service including development, testing, networking, devops etc. who has a dedicated professional team to complete their roles and responsibilities at ease.

step2- Size of the company?

Are they fully equipped with the individual team for the respective team? each Magento developer has done their certification

step3- Previous achievement of their company?

just have a check in their website regarding their previous year achievement has been mentioned by their valuable client. strong testimonial section on their website might add more advantage.

step4- Average turn around time?

Every Magento development agency has their own time zone in completing the project. really need to focus on the commitment they say in completing the project on time

step5 - Are they Magento partners?

Magento has manly roles of parnters like professional partners, business solution partners, it is good to have your firm in associated with magento which shows their capability

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