Re: consistency and lengths of social media handles, domain name, branding.

Business is Fake Name Vape. I have both @fnvape & @fakenamevape on the big social media platforms and own &

Not the actual name, but same 6 chars vs. 12 chars. E.g. @xxVape @XxXxxxxxVape

Should I use abbreviated domain name and social media handles (6 chars), or full brand name (12 chars)? Should I try to have consistency if possible and use the same choice for both store URL and social media handles?

The full 12 characters and @fakenamevape seem like the right choice, because they are actually the name of the company, store, brand. I was led to believe preferable because of brevity, not just for organic search SEO but my understanding is that long domains allow for typos when customer hasn't previously visited your website.

(A lot of my local marketing relies on print flyers on college bulletin boards and Mass mail. Going to add a QR code to avoid typos issue).

Can anybody make an argument why i should just stick with the short 6 character version as opposed to spelling out the entire name?