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Thread: What applications have you developed with Java?

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    What applications have you developed with Java?

    Hello Friends,

    What applications have you developed with Java? Would you please give me a description of some practical applications you have developed with Java in your work. I am planning to study Java and need some idea of what I could do with this wonderful language.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Agili Ron

    Ebay Seller Software

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    I haven't developed any java application...!
    but trying to do the best...!
    currently I am just collecting material regarding my application...!
    and will complete it soon...!
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    JAVA is no doubt is a best language to study. It is used building most of the mobile apps, website applications, websites & many more.

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    JAVA is a user-friendly programming language. And it is simpler than other languages as C++. It is used to develop mobile applications, web-based application and websites.

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    I don't develop the apps myself, but I use the help of the professionals I found on They created a lot of Java apps for my business which I find very helpful and nicely working. I think you will like them too, good luck with it
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