When it comes to starting a business both small and large scale business has there own needs. So, below I'll be mentioning those tips that are required for all types of businesses.
Tips to start a business:-

1) Study and keep a note on all pros and cons: When it comes to starting a business there are not many pro and cons associated with it. It's very important before starting a business to go through all risks, challenges, benefits, etc because it's better to take the right decision initially than changing it later.

2) Keep it easy and not complex: As you know every business opportunity comes with a risk associated with it. So, it's very important to not spend or invest that much initially in the business till the time u start getting returns as if by chance the business doesn't give the expected results it'll get really difficult for u to look back and try some better ideas.

3) Bring business online: Nowadays it's an era of digitalization. So, it's very important to move according to the trend and bring business online no matter whatever it may be. You can also contact a good web development company to develop a great website to bring your products and services online.

4) Start Small: Every business that starts smart and small go far as it has less cost involved with it. For example, when Amazon was started they just started with selling books and later they expanded.

I hope the above points with help you and your venture.