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Thread: Transparent Solution for Website Maintenance

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    Lightbulb Transparent Solution for Website Maintenance

    The First Website Maintenance
    "First time for everything." Even for a website maintenance.
    Just like the quote, after you decided to run a business that uses a website as the platform, you need a website developer from a freelancer or website agency and do the development for you. Especially if you are not a website developer or don't have any website developer in your internal team.

    First-time website maintenance is important since you will do a lot of things. You need to find the perfect website agency which is capable to do the workload and it has to be affordable. When I say ‘affordable', it's not only about ‘how much you should pay', but also ‘the list of all tasks you should pay'. Yes, transparency is important to both client and website agency. But let's just talk about the website maintenance a bit more.

    A Lot of Maintenance

    There are numerous problems in website maintenance. From minor bugs to server maintenance that has. Still, we have to work continuously, so that the customers could shop happily and we also get a significant income for our business.

    Every budget is limited. You can't just spend all your money on a website agency. Those bills need to be paid and you need to save more time to do the other things as well. The problem is, sometimes you will find some website agencies that have an untransparent system for every client. They can't provide you a detailed information about every single task, rate, and working hour that have occurred in your project.

    Issues and Feedback

    From the product page, checkout page, broken links, corrupted images, non-useful features, and many other wrong developments that occurred during the first development. After the client's website goes live, it's not the end of the story. The feedback after going live for the first time is the first impression that will be the basic data of the next website maintenance.

    Untransparent Website Maintenance

    Untransparent website maintenance is a pain in the ass. Just like when a website developer finds a ‘naughty' clients who ask persistently to lower the price or ask for more everytime the project is done. Untransparent website maintenance mostly will charge you more or do less job than what you sign on the contract papers.

    At the website agency's standpoint, untransparent website maintenance gives a disrespectful manner to the client. Especially if this is the first project. Bad first impression not just affecting this project, but also the future projects as well. That's why transparent website agency will be more trusted by the client.

    Transparent Website Maintenance

    Not here to tell you the general rate of website maintenance

    Yes, I'm not here to tell you the current rate of all website maintenance and make an average rate from it, it's nearly impossible and no ones want something like that. Instead, all we have to know is how the website agency sells their service to you and how they manage the service.

    How do you notice that you get a transparent website maintenance?

    It's pretty simple. Before you sign your agreement, you should know that when you want to ask how the progress running, you simply get your answer right after the question submitted. And of course, it must be answered honestly. You can just ask how the website agency maintain your blog, split it weekly or monthly, then make an agreement for the payment before you sign anything. Or if you want an hourly development, you can ask the hourly rate first and start the project right away.

    Long-lasting agency-client relationship
    This is what I said earlier. The transparency will build a good fundamental for both sides. The client will put their trust fairly if the website agency could provide a specific information about the project. The development, design, how many hours that have been spent on the project, and how much the client should pay for all the works.

    After the first website maintenance, the client will look for the same website developer and build a long-lasting agency-client relationship. Actually, it also could attract another prospective customer to be yours. The current client could explain to other companies that need website development

    Hourly rate, yet still transparent

    Not every agency decided to give the hourly rate or no-contract project to their clients. Since it could be worse to both agency and client if the credit is not good enough. LimeCommerce one of the website agency has a fair hourly rate and still give you all report during and after the project. We want to build a long-lasting relationship with all clients. And honesty is one of the vital keys for all project. So make sure you take a look and give a call to our project manager.

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    Perfect explanation I’d say. One of the most basic things that need to understand is that website support services or maintenance is not just a matter of development and deployment. In fact, it is an ongoing service that is a must to keep their websites tip-top.

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