Our website offers a completely independent protein comparison service. We compare things like price, protein source, goal dietary requirements etc to get the best products so our users can be informed on exactly what they want for their precise goals. If they want to loose weight, gain muscle, increase sports performance we're here to help with that. If they're lactose intolerant, vegan, halal or looking for informed sports products we've got that covered too.

For example if you're after a vegetarian, informed sports product that help you build muscle that you can take first thing in the morning? You can do that with just a couple of clicks. Maybe you want to improve your energy and endurance but are only interested in gluten free chocolate flavour drinks with a milk protein source for less than 5, no problems you can do find that easily.

On top of all that we're 100% independent and don't have any incentives to sell a particular brand or product.

Anyway with that bit of background info into our site please have a look and let us know you're honest thoughts: http://www.smartproteins.co.uk