Well, do you know Steam? One of the online websites for gamers and it's so popular right now. The web programmer provides a lot of things that will satisfy gamers. Steam also has three kinds of game, which is completely free, freemium (where you can pay small parts of the game), and premium (you should purchase the game first before you can play it). It's a popular term for all platforms that sell games these days. That's why another platform like Google Play also implement this term in their web programming project.

The web programming project consists of a lot of tasks. You don't just create a website that has some information about the game. You also need to create and sell the game. It's better if you just create a game marketplace where the game developer and its player meet. But if you develop your game too, then you need more people to create the web programming project.

Steam starts with 7 games on their website in the 2003 and now they are becoming a huge company with more than 3000 games included. Valve, the owner of Steam website also has a popular game like Dota. Back in the early 2000s, Blizzard still has rights to run Dota inside the Warcraft game, but now, Valve has bought Dota and named it Dota 2 with a lot of new features but still has a basic concept like the old one.

The Future of Online Games

Game Marketplace

Game marketplace generally is a digital distribution, but it was built just for games. Just like Spotify that has a purpose to create an online streaming platform for all music genres across the world. Since almost anyone loves to play games, a platform like Steam has a big success after years of struggle. But there are more games marketplace and you can build your own later. Let's see what they can do first.

According to Wikipedia, as Steam has grown in popularity, many other competing services have been surfacing trying to emulate their success. The most notable major competitors are Electronic Arts' (EA) Origin service, Ubisoft's Uplay, Blizzard Entertainment's Battle.net, and CD Projekt's GOG.com. Battle.net competes as a publisher exclusive platform, while GOG.com's catalog includes many of the same titles as Steam but offers them in a DRM-free platform. Upon launch of EA's Origin in 2011, several EA-published titles were no longer available for sale, and users feared that future EA titles would be limited to Origin's service. Newell expressed an interest in EA games returning to the Steam catalog though noted the situation was complicated. Newell stated, "We have to show EA it's a smart decision to have EA games on Steam, and we're going to try to show them that." Ubisoft still publishes their games on the Steam platform, however, most games published since the launch of Uplay require this service to run after launching the game from Steam.

Besides the PC game, there are also console and games in the mobile app. Games always have significant growth every year. Instead of creating your own game, you can change your business model and create a marketplace for both gamer and the game developer. Just like what Steam and others did.

Big Market Shares

Although the size of every game nowadays is getting bigger, the market shares still growing and spend more money to play new games every year. You can see the enthusiasm of the people who play Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The market share divided from a little child to a grown up. Well, who doesn't love games? Even my father who got 56 in June also likes to play games every night in his old laptop.

In short, I think the game industry won't shut down in five or ten years ahead. Instead, it will grow more and more from one year to another. The fact that everyone loves games and play almost every day give us hope. The web programming project for developing a game website still has a bright future. Even if you are just creating a small website that provides less than 10 games like what Steam or Valve did back in 2003.

So, it's basically a big competition in a worldwide sea. There are some chances that you can win this out, but if you don't thrive enough, then you can just sit and watch the game.

Web Programming for Game Marketplace

If you want to be one of the competitors, then you should start with the web programming project. First thing first, you need to target your audience or gamer. Do as you can. Don't force yourself to gain more than you can take. After that, you can try to find a web developer to help you develop the marketplace.

Web Programming Service

The concept is quite simple. You gather other game developers to create and publish their games on your site. And you create brand and promotion strategies to gather the gamer to purchase and play the games, every single day.

LimeCommerce, an experienced web programming service that headquartered in Indonesia has a solution for you. Let's build your first website, especially if you want to apply digital distribution as your business model. Since the market share has significant growth every year and you can just simply start your web programming project by adding two or three games on your site, make a new brand, give a trial version to a prospective customer, and promote the whole thing on social media. A simple plan for a greater purpose in the future.


After all those things, we can conclude that game industry has a bright future, at least for 10 or 15 years ahead. And you can try to create your own business by implementing a digital distribution website that runs on the game industry.

Also, to create the website, you need an experienced web programming service. You can try to gather information about LimeCommerce before developing your first business website.