E-Commerce development is a regular project for anyone who wants to live from selling goods to people. Whether they are from the fashion industry, culinary, automotive, cosmetics or other industry, they will start developing a special feature to keep the gap between e-commerce players. One thing all e-commerce player should do is creating an online blog.

Lately, I've written about the importance of creating a blog. But now, I will talk about how to create a professional blog. Since it's quite easy to create a blog, I think I will let you read another post on our website. Let's talk about the blog feature instead.

Feature is Vital

The feature is an important part of a website. For example, there are a lot of features on your e-commerce site. From search bar, tab bar menu, sidebar menu, list of categories and products, to the payment page, and shipping information query. Features help the customer to easily browse, find, and purchase product anytime they want. You can ask your web developer to adjust and create a helpful feature on your site.

Now let's talk for the e-commerce blog. An online blog to help you elevate the page rank. Make the customer and prospective customer find your site easily and faster. It's a simple, cheaper, yet longer way than creating an advertisement campaign by using Google AdWords.

Be Professional

Creating an online blog is a strategy for your e-commerce store. That's why you need to become a professional to manage that. The thing is you can't go further if you just consider this as a personal blog and say something common or not intriguing for your customer. Blogger could be a professional job for you. Just like when you develop and manage your website.

Try to create a regular schedule for creating your posts. At least you should create one post every single week. It's good for your SEO rank and pumping up your e-commerce site to the top of the search result.

Effective and Must-have Features

Search Bar

People come to your blog to find something. If you have written a lot of posts, it would be hard for your customer to find something on your online blog. So simply add a search bar to make them joyfully browse and read your posts. Simple but powerful. And mostly, the extension is included on any platform. All you need to do is adding it to your top of the page.


A search bar is good to find specific content or post. But categories do better in finding several contents in one click. You don't need any keyword to find some insights. Ah yes, make sure you add the right categories in every post. It will never work if the posts are uncategorized, right?

Recent and/or Popular Post

Recent post allows your customer to find the newest post on your blog, while popular post creates a stunning statistic that makes your online blog looks professional and famous. It also makes your customer want to know the most popular content around. It would be more powerful if the most popular post is the one that your customer looks for. I think it could elevate the loyalty more.

This feature is like a recent or popular post. But it's more effective because it has related content with the one that your customer currently read. Thus, it would be more enticing to read featured article than reading a popular post. Not everyone will spend all day reading a blog. Except they are just bored and want something new as their food for thought.

For example, WordPress has a special featured-article widget that you can add in every post. Just like YouTube that has an algorithm to make a recommendation based on your video views, WordPress also has this algorithm that helps people to provide related posts based on your currently read.

Follow or Subscribe Button
If you are using WordPress, there are two options that you can add to your widget. WordPress has special follow button for other WordPress readers. Meanwhile, there is also an option for other readers who have no WordPress account. A follow or subscribe button is needed for your customer if they want to learn more from your article. Hence, you can add a follow or subscribe button or perhaps the two of them on every page.

Also, make sure it on sight. If your customer couldn't find it, then it would be a waste. Mostly, e-commerce player will put it on the top, sidebar menu, or at the end of the post. It could be a pop-up menu as well. One subscriber or follower could change your page rank.

Social Media and Email Link

Stay connected. We are in the middle of a sharing-economy era. There is a worldwide culture that makes us to share with anyone, even if it's just funny content or sometimes a piece of junk. Moreover, if your blog post is good enough to be shared by them. Making a good content or post is always important. But providing social media and email links are vital as well. Since it could help your online blog to reach more popularity across the internet.


Creating an online blog for your e-commerce is critical. Creating insightful blog posts are important as well. But providing specific features that help your customer for reading way easier on your online blog is a cover-up strategy for the blog post. It won't work that much if the blog post is good, yet your customer is hard to find it.

At least you need 6 features included on your blog. Search bar, a simple searching method to find a specific post on your blog. Categories to create a neat user interface and another method to find a bundle of the post. Recent post menu to serve the newest post. Featured article for providing a related article that based on the currently read. Follow button to gain a more loyal reader. And social media link or button to create a full-sharing environment.