Two days ago, we have discussed and learned about the web layout. A vital point when you develop and design a website. You need to create an original and useful website layout to gain your customer's interest and make a better user experience. But that occurred when the design is from scratch and you got a lot of money in your pocket. But, what if you don't have enough time to design a website layout? What if all you need is a cheap website design?

Mostly, you will face a lot of cheap website design not from web agency. You can find template across the digital world. Even for Magento website, the official website also has a lot of templates. But of course, it's not free. Web agency mostly will create your design from scratch. But luckily, since there are a lot of people who don't want to pay more, but need to quickly create a website company, then they will ask for a template to keep their pace with other competitors.

Template Customization

What is Template?

According to Allwebcodesign, A website template (or web template) is a pre-designed webpage or set of HTML web pages that anyone can use to "plug-in" their own text content and images into to create a website. Simply, a template is ready-to-use web design that you can choose to apply on your website. It's also called a cheap website design since it has the limit in customization and not like when you decide to make website design from scratch.

Why Template?

As I said in the beginning. A template is a cheap website design. It helps you to save both your time and money. When you are in a low budget and need to save more money for another workload, then you should pick one that you like the most and fit to your company's brand. The template helps you with the ready-to-use blueprint so that you can try to customize it a little bit and make it yours. It feels like an open-source program and anyone can join to put their creativity on a template.

And remember that the template shall explain your company's identity. It's still semi-design you still need time to develop and design with the template.* If you sell kid toys, don't add skull or something horrifying. Or if you want to glamorous store, then you can add more gold and silver colors, as well as the black background.

How to Customize?

This is the hardest part. If you decided to use a template for your site, then you will face the same template from other websites. Especially if you add a free template. It would be the same and you will look less professional than your competitors. One disadvantage that could affect other aspects of your company. Hence, I think you need some customization to make yourself look more original. Even though you are applying a template.

But first, you will need more money. The free template is good as a starter. Still, to advance your progress, you will need to purchase a special template. A premium template has more option for customization and fewer people use this option. You know, not all people want to spend their money for something like this. Business is about taking the risk. Purchasing the template could enhance your business. So, make sure you do it right.

Additional Feature

Differentiation is still important for every company. The fact that we are facing the ton of competitors in the digital world makes us aware that the competitive advantage is needed to win the competition. Although the template is similar, you can also add one or two additional features to your competitive advantage.

What I mean about additional feature is like tax calculation, shipping integration, payment gateway, and many other features that you need when developing an e-commerce website. And I think there is no template that contains those features. Okay, you can get a cheap website design by using a template. But that doesn't mean you can just start the business right away. There are more developments that you need to do.

Role of The Web Agency

This is where web agency takes part. Our agency will give an explanation before you start the project. LimeCommerce will give some recommendations of a template. You can pick one based on your company's branding strategy. After that, we will work on that and give report regularly. You can also check the progress by asking our project manager. Yes, we don't use any kind of client service. Instead, the project manager will take a role to explain the whole process. This will save our time because the project manager also handles the template and feature installation.

In fact, it would be much clearer if the project manager explains directly to the client. There is a chance, if the other web agency uses non-technical client service, they will explain unthoroughly. Cost more time and less explanation.

Advantage and Disadvantage

When you apply a template to your site, you will save a lot of time and money since it's a cheap website design for anyone. It's also easier than making a website design from scratch. No need to learn about the whole web design thing. You can just drop us a line and made us do that work for you.

But there are several disadvantages as well. You need to pay the premium template if you want something special. The common templates will make you less professional and look… you know, common. There will be a lot of ‘you' out there. That what makes premium template special. You will stand out of the crowd instead of becoming ordinary.

Also, you need to add more features to your site. The features help you to create your differentiation between you and your competitors. Ask your web designer or developer to think about that. Talk about your industry and business model. For example, if you want to create a marketplace, then you need a feature that could accommodate all vendors and salesmen. Just visit our website if you have anything to ask.