Homepage. The first you will see on any kind of website. And it's the deciding point for people will browse more on your site or leave to another site. Hence, the first job for web developers is to create an effective website layout, especially for the homepage.

A homepage is where you start everything. From knowing the company, how the company works, what products that they served, how much the price, and anything particular. Most people ended up on the homepage and don't explore more on your site. Therefore, the website layout will take the role to direct every customer to a specific landing page. Perhaps if you clever enough, you can also direct them to different pages, based on the customer behavior and needs.

But for now, let's join me and discuss the website layout first. The website layout is a construction of your site. Just like a building that needs a lot of stick and stone to construct the framework. The design of your site depends on the website layout.


The tab bar menu above or sidebar menu is always helping the customer to quickly navigate what they want to buy. It always has fixed layout and you can access it even if you scroll down the page.

Search Bar

Don't forget to add a search bar above. But the search bar alone is not enough. You have to create a system that could quickly recommend whatever product that customer wanted the most. Also, the product name has to be clear. Make sure that the data entry of the product is done well.


The definition of a headline is a heading at the top of an article or page in a newspaper or magazine. But in the digital world, almost all web layout of the homepage shows a banner right after the loading process has completed. The banner will provide the most important information for all visitors and customers. Just like what I have explained to you in my last article about website banner or e-commerce banner, it provides a specific information for a specific purpose.

Be Concise

Being concise is not easy. You have to know the whole thing about your product. After that, you can simply explain the product you want a customer to know about. Perhaps two or three words is enough to explain. It's a headline by the way. Shouldn't be a paragraph.


Sub-headline, just like on the newspaper, contains a simple explanation about the headline. Just like on the example below, my web agency explained that the web agency is an expert in Magento. They managed to do development and design for Magento Website. And Magento mostly used for e-commerce purposes. That's why the next sub-headline is explained about how LimeCommerce managed to get you to the next level. They will assure you about the development and you will get a new


Not just explaining the subject, you also need to make it convincing and enticing. At least they want to know more about you and your product. The Call-to-Action button (I will explain it after this) is the next content that you can add to direct your visitor. Just like what LimeCommerce did to its website, the Call-to-Action button stands for connecting the client with us. It helps us to get a call from everyone who needs help in web development and design.

Call to Action

If you give a lot of information in the first place, then you need a call-to-action button to direct your visitor right away. You don't even have a minute to entice your customer, that's why this button is needed to save the time and make your website layout being more effective.

I've shared about how web agency directs its client to drop a line. But for e-commerce industry, the problem is different. It helps the company to get the customer to the promotion page, product page or even introduction page (just in case if you are a new company).


For an alternative, if the headline and the sub-headline are convincing enough to lit up the curiosity of your visitor and customer, you can just add a hyperlink on the banner. It's simpler since most customer knows that it has a link and it will redirect them to a specific page. Whether it's about promotion, discount, coupon code, new product or anything important, a pointy finger of the customer's cursor will get them to the desired page.

Website Layout Development

But how to make those things happen? First, you need a bunch of talented web developers to get you on the right path. They will guide you with a technical solution to give some option for your homepage layout. The vital part will take more time to do. So make sure you have planned this for a long-term goal. But when you already have a website, the web developer could evaluate the homepage and find the cause of your e-commerce problem.

The next step is to make things right. For example, since you got the blueprint of your website layout, you can track how people interact with your site. This could help the web developer to find the problem and the most used feature on your site. Mostly, the web developer will use a heat tracking the give a map of the whole homepage.

The most used feature could get more development. And for the rest of it, you can get rid of them or create a redesign project to give a difference. The headline, sub-headline, and a call-to-action button is also needed in the redesign project.

I will share more information tomorrow. It's still about web layout. And we have talked about the homepage layout that always vital for every single kind of website. But for tomorrow, we will talk about other pages. Of course, I can't talk about the whole page. Since every website has a different approach to serve their product. Instead, I will talk about common page like Company Profile, Product Pages (since it's about e-commerce), and maybe specific pages in some industry.