E-Commerce and Server

E-commerce industry. One of the most developed industries these days. Almost all countries that have internet connection start to jump into this industry. They are not just using a physical store to get profit, yet they are developing an online store by using a website and perhaps a mobile app as well. Website and mobile app use server for operating their systems. Since most of the entrepreneurs are not a tech guy, they get their web maintenance from web developer that has specific skills in finding and fixing several bugs on your server.

Why Everyone Needs Server Update

For your insight, according to Wikipedia, a server is a computer program or a device that provides functionality for other programs or devices, called "clients". This architecture is called the client-server model, and a single overall computation is distributed across multiple processes or devices. Servers can provide various functionalities, often called "services", such as sharing data or resources among multiple clients or performing computation for a client. A single server can serve multiple clients, and a single client can use multiple servers. A client process may run on the same device or may connect over a network to a server on a different device. Typical servers are database servers, file servers, mail servers, print servers, web servers, game servers, and application servers.

Server update or mostly called server maintenance is a to-do list for everyone that has a website. Including e-commerce website. E-commerce website needs more development since a lot of people using it every single day. I will explain how big company maintains their server. But not now. Let's jump to the problem in maintaining your server.

The problem in Server Update

A server is the core of your site. Basically, it's your supercomputer to do almost the whole thing in your online store. Hence, the server update is also a vital part of your to-do list. If the e-commerce web development for server update is not done by the expert, it would cause a terrible problem. And not just a waste of time and money, the downtime of your site would affect your company as well. Including your profit and the fate of all your employees.

Furthermore, maintaining a server costs a lot of money. It's not like a minor maintenance or upgrade that occurred during your days at work. Moreover, if the server has gotten some bugs. Long story short, server update or maintaining a server is a long-term job. You can't finish it with a single e-commerce web development project. Perhaps, you need to schedule a monthly routine as well.

In the other hand, you will also need an extra cash for the backup. Not every web maintenance will go smoothly. Sometimes there will be crashed, bugs, and other problems. That's why you need the backup or restore point to lessen your downtime. I will tell you more down below.


Ah yes, there is no such thing as a standalone server. Every server supports for a specific purpose. For example, there is a server for mail, your file, web server, application server, database server, and domain server. Your web developers will set up for those specific things. Of course, you will need to get a maintenance for those servers. Although you are not doing a maintenance for all of those at once, still, it takes a lot of time and money.

Web Maintenance for Server Update
The Difference Between Huge and Small Company

I think there are only some huge companies that hire some web developer as their permanent employee. Like Amazon and eBay that has a high-value brand across the world. The process and transaction in their company have occurred 24/7. They will build a specific team, a bunch of developers that provide a service to maintain Amazon's or eBay's servers. They will have a specific cooling room for their supercomputers. And some people will ‘live' there to make sure that the server is doing great in serving customer around the world.

But for small and medium business company, they will hire a web developer from web agency to do the workload. Since they are still the small company and it would cost more if they hire a permanent employee. Perhaps they will ask to do the web maintenance for a month or more. Mostly, they use two kinds of the work contract. An hourly project like using a service from a freelancer or use a specific contract that has terms and agreement, signing paper and stuff, and pay a specific amount of money before or after the contract.

Create Your Web Maintenance Plan

The business process always got a plan or two. If you don't have any plan, then you are doing it wrong. As well as your web maintenance for the server. You should have a particular plan for your server maintenance. Or perhaps if you get a trouble doing so, you can try to ask your web developer to help you set up your plan. This plan is including your budget for the web maintenance, your time to do the workloads, what kind work to do, who do the job, and many other aspects.

For a small business, they can ask for server maintenance plan that has already listed by the web agency. Generally, the web agency will ask a monthly rate for the web maintenance. You can pick a package of the technical audit to get the best operation of your e-commerce store.


Don't forget to have a database backup. As I said before, just in case someone doing it wrong or cause a major problem that makes a long downtime for your e-commerce site. Mostly, you will have to make a room for the backup. Ask your web agency to do that. That's included on your web maintenance list.


In my conclusion, we can say that the web maintenance for your servers is vital and need to be done regularly. To do so, you will need to create a server maintenance plan that includes who do the work, list of workload, budgeting, and scheduling. And don't forget to keep a backup as plan B.

Above all, you can try to ask our web maintenance service by dropping us a line. Let's keep your business moving forward!